Lu Chao  (b. 1988, China) currently lives and works between Bejing and London. He holds a BA in oil painting from Royal College of Art in London.

Chao Lu’s paintings have been widely presented in ambitious international galleries such as Rosenfeld Porcini (London), Nathalie Obadia (Paris) and Hadrien de Montferrand (Bejing). His work has been acquired by the Louis Vuitton Collection, Alpha Bank, DSL Collection along with several private collections. 

“When I was a very small child I took the bus 217 everyday to go to school. Being small I was continuously squashed by a crowd of taller people pushing through, and it was often very hard to go in or out of the bus. The memory of this crowd often appears vividly in my mind. And so I am always very sensitive to crowd of people and the images of those where depression, helplessness and vulnerability are contained together always stayed with me as I grew up. At the same time I always like to observe each person trying to squeeze his way in a crowd of people, because I know very well that I am just like them, and looking at each of their faces I seem to be looking at myself. I always think that each face can tell a story, the story of an experience already past or a prediction of an event about to happen. All the small black people in my paintings are my response to all the strangers I’ve encountered in my life.” ( Lu Chao