rosenfeld porcini gallery from London presents a group exhibition featuring works by sculptor Sebastian Gordin (Argentina), painter Eduardo Stupia (Argentina), painter Francisco de Corcuera (Chile) and painter  Enrique Brinkmann (Spain) for the 2014 edition of Pinta London.  These artists have the quality of reaching international audiences and prove to be fruitful investments being a mixture or emerging/mid-career and established artists.


For our booth at Pinta London, we will present a new wood piece (2014) by Sebastian Gordin as well as a large-scale painting (2013) by Francisco de Corcuera. We will also have 5 new paintings of various dimensions by Eduardo Stupia produced exclusively for the fair. As For Enrique Brinkmann we will be presenting the artist’s first sculpture as well as 3 small paintings on metal mesh (2013) and a large framed paper work (2014) part of his new Reportaje series.