Silvia Hatzl Performance

silvia hatzl

18 january - 9 march 2013

a fragile existence dance performance 9 march 2013 6.00-8.00pm

A unique dance performance by German artist Silvia Hatzl as part of her rst UK solo exhibition :

The dance will be performed by Silvia herself alongside Raymond Delepierre –an experimental electronic musician– who previously accompanied the artist for a performance at Museum am Dom, Würzburg. Two separate musical pieces will be created using materials and visual objects. Furthermore, Silvia will be wearing a solid paper dress made specially for the occasion which will tie in with the exhibition works.

Lyric and poetical in their own unique way, the works of Silvia Hatzl imply the passage of time and an awareness of the in nite nature of existence through her use of silk and cotton, ash and copper, iron and lead, earth and grass, skin and pigment. The frailty and simplicity of these materials confront issues of mortality, life and decay. Furthermore, the performance will resonate within these themes by exploring ideas of the body and our relation to notions of presence, physicality, and absence. Silvia’s performances – intricately planned and realised – are testimonies to her re ections and explorations materialised within her pieces. 

March 9, 2013