Pak Yan Lau / Joao Lobo

music concert - Thursday 9 March 2017

rosenfeld porcini is pleased to announce a concert by Pak Yan Lau and João Lobo:


Pak Yan Lau / Joao Lobo

music concert

Thursday 9 March 2017



Admission: £10 


Pak Yan Lau is part of the new Brussels underground crowd. Her music covers different spheres with improv- isation and sound as main focus. She skillfully concocts the extraordinary out of the ordinary, by creating sound patterns in a minimal, poetic way, while exploring the vast array of sonar possibilities.

Lau has previously created music for Dance Theater, Shadow Theater and documentary, each of these pro- ductions exploring a different universe due to the range of instruments and artistic possibilities.

João Lobo is a jazz musician and a gifted drummer. He is open to many music visions and likes to experi- ments with new genres. Lobo says: “There are musicians who specialize in something because they know exactly what they want to do and perfect themselves in that direction. I admire the attitude, but I’m not like that: I like to play in different contexts.”

His name began to attract attention when Enrico Rava invited him to play in one of his groups. “He’s one of my favorite drummers today!” said The Italian trumpeter in an interview. His eagerness to take risks and go further resulted in 40 recordings, released by labels such as ECM, Clean Feed, Creative Sources, NEOS and Camjazz, among others. Last year, the Giovanni Guidi trio featuring João Lobo played a memorable sold out concert in the gallery, receiveing reviews among others from the jazz critic of the Guardian


February 23, 2017