Roberto Almagno was born in Aquino (Italy) in 1954.

In 1971 he obtained his degree at the Insituto d’Arte in Rome under the tuition of the sculpture Giuseppe Mazzullo, with further studies at the Fine Arts Academy, Rome in 1972 under Pericle Fazzini. He currently lives and works in Rome both as an artist and a teacher at the Estudio d’Arte.

Almagno has exhibited with numerous galleries in Italy and has had many exhibitions in museums, including group exhibitions at the National Museum of Fine Art, Buenos Aires; the Carlo Bilotti Museum, Rome; and the Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, Matera; and solo shows at Palazzo Venezia, Rome and Pericle Fazzini Museum.

Roberto Almagno sculpts prevalently with wood, which he collects in the forests outside his native city of Rome. After carefully collecting his material, Almagno spends numerous days ling off any rough edges before smoothing the wood with a combination of fire and water, allowing him to mold and shape the works as he searches for a formal perfection. The artist’s work assumes a profound spirituality that he describes as ‘no longer bearing the weight of life’. He refines his material into timeless works of great formal beauty. The sculptures evoke both the material’s fragility and its transformative powers.