Riccardo Guarneri was born in 1933 in Florence, where he lives and works. After a short informal period, in 1962 he starts a research based on sign and light that become his principal objects of study within a minimal geometric structure. He starts with his first solo exhibition at The Hague in 1960. He takes part in The Biennale in 1966 (with Agostino Bonalumi and Paolo Scheggi) and the exhibition “Weiss auf Weiss” at Bern Kunstalle; he then takes part in the Biennial of Paris in 1967 in the “New Artists” section. In 1972 he holds his first anthological exhibition at the Westfalischer Kunstverein of Munster. He takes part in the Quadriennale of Rome in 1973 and 1986. In 1981 at Palazzo delle Esposizioni of Rome he exhibits his works in “Linee della ricerca artistica in Italia 1960-1980”, an exhibition that in 1997 is proposed again at the Kunsthalle of Cologne “Abstrakte Kunst Italiens '60/'90”. In 2004 he particapete to "Mostra Antologica" in Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In 2007 he participates in “Pittura Analitica anni '70” at Palazzo della Permanente in Milan. In 2008 he is among the artists of the exhibition “Pittura Aniconica” at Mantegna House of Mantua; in 2011 he takes part in “Percorsi riscoperti dell'arte italiana - VAF-Stiftung 1947-2010” at the Mart Museum of Trento and Rovereto. He has taught painting in Carrara, Bari, Florence and Venice Academies of Art. In 2017 he takes part to the  57th International Art Exhibition The Venice Biennale.