37 Rathbone Street, London W1T 1NZ

Telephone: +44 [0]20 7637 1133


There is also an entrance to the gallery at

36 Newman Street, London W1T 1QH


Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 11-7pm
Saturday 11–6pm


Please note that the gallery will be closed from Monday 11th of March and it will reopen on Friday 15th of March.



General enquiriesinfo@rosenfeldporcini.com

Press enquiriespress@rosenfeldporcini.com


Sales enquiries:

Ian Rosenfeld: ian@rosenfeldporcini.com

Georgia Adamson: georgia@rosenfeldporcini.com

Giovanni De Sanctis: giovanni@rosenfeldporcini.com

Simonetta Sancristoforo: simonetta@rosenfeldporcini.com

Nadia Zayan: nadia@rosenfeldporcini.com