DREAM RITUAL by Bongsu Park

DREAM RITUAL is a performance lead by innovator in contemporary dance in Korea Jinyeob Cha, which focuses on the Korean tradition of exchanging dreams, with the aim of bringing this phenomena to a wider audience and transcending geographical and cultural boundaries.

The idea for this performance was born from a tale about dream transactions from the Samguk Sagi - the oldest surviving chronicle of Korean history.  In this performance Jinyeob Cha will interpret Munhui (a character from the Samguk Kai) and he will act as a shaman who travels to the Collective Unconscious and encounters dreams submitted by participants to take them to the world of good spirits.


The performance will be structured around the stages of sleep and brain wave cycles . During the performance the audience will experience their dream narratives suffused with other people’s and will become part of this new form of shamanistic ritual of collective unconsciousness.

The artist believes a ritual is a form of externalised intuition, an unexplored area of the unconsciousness.The  ritual is a live form of expression that has been molded over centuries. Through this new form of shamanistic ritual, Dream Ritual will explore the sililarities in formalities and procedures of rituals from different cultures.

In her recent works she has created platforms where people could share their innermost thoughts through sensual environments which evolved through audience participation. 


People are invited to submit their dreams as a simple text on www.DreamRitual.org. These dreams will be featured in DREAM RITUAL performance.

February 22, 2019